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Call the Florida Quitline for free counseling, nicotine patches or gum, and more. Or recommend the Quitline to someone you know who wants to beat their addiction for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quitline only for cigarettes?

No. The Florida Quitline has specialists who are here to help you overcome your addiction to any form of tobacco, from cigarettes and cigars to dip and chew. When you call, just let us know your tobacco of choice and we’ll tailor a plan to help you Be Free.

Can you mail me free Nicotine Replacement Therapy without me calling the Quitline?

No. In order to receive free NRT you must speak with an intake specialist and complete counseling sessions via phone. Free NRT is available while supplies last.

Can I do counseling via email?

No. Quitline asks for your email address simply for an alternate method of contact if we cannot reach you by phone. Quitline services cannot be conducted via email. You can enroll in online counseling with the Florida Quitline and create a personalized web-based quit plan at

When I receive a call from the Quitline, will it be evident on my caller ID?

Yes. When an intake specialist returns your call, your caller ID will display "877-822-6669 & FL Quitline”.

Who can use the Quitline?

The Florida Quitline's toll-free telephone-based counseling is available to adults and youth age 13 and up.